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Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University (SDM University) was formed on October 19, 2018 as a State Private University of Karnataka State in Sattur, Dharwad, under the Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University Act.

The University has been sponsored by Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Educational (SDME) Society, Ujire, Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka, a premier non-profit Educational Society. This Society operates under the auspices of Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala and under the excellent Leadership of Poojya Shri D. Veerendra Heggade, the Chancellor of the University. Dr. Niranjan Kumar, a well-known plastic surgeon, is the first Vice Chancellor of the University.

SDM University is the first private university in the country that has incorporated digital assessments right from the time of its inception, where students write their exams on e-pads, making it easier for them. It is also highly accepted by the evaluator who perform the digital evaluation with "Zero Error Correction". In comparison to traditional procedures, the results are also announced quickly.

The University's Chancellor is a visionary leader whose ambition was to establish an affordable Centre of Excellence in Medical Education and Healthcare for the people of North Karnataka. The University and its constituent institutions provide exceptional education and healthcare under the skilled leadership of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. The University provides a very conducive environment throughout the campus, with contemporary infrastructure, hostels and nutritional meals.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Strengths

Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University will set the highest standards of teaching and learning, awakening the intelligence of the students and nurturing the creativity hidden, in them by creating an environment where the ancient wisdom blends with modern science, to transform them into whole human beings to face the challenges.

  • To ensure that the journey of education is inspiring, pleasant and enjoyable.
  • Attract the best of teachers and students.
  • Achieve high principles of trust, love and spirituality in the students.
  • Create a collaborative, diverse and exclusive community.
  • Transform the student of today to be a leader of tomorrow and a better human being.
  • Produce passionate teachers.
  • Evolve innovative teaching techniques.
  • Create a peaceful environment.
  • Prepare the student to face the social challenges.
  • Create a University of which the Nation is proud of.
  • Be an effective partner in Nation Building.
  • Create an Eco-friendly University.
  • Create a University based on the principles of beauty, love and justice.
  • The University was founded with the intention of contributing to the region's development.
  • Providing all students with access to affordable higher education.
  • Providing high-quality health care at an affordable price.
  • Increasing the number of qualified healthcare practitioners and skilled workers to satisfy global demand.
  • Providing employment opportunities.
  • Develop faculty and student exchange programmes and research collaborations with national and international institutions of excellence.
  • To broaden the scope of global knowledge by providing a platform for teaching, learning, research, and development on a variety of levels. Currently, in healthcare, research and will eventually in other fields.
  • A leader with a vision.
  • A strong and experienced sponsoring body to ensure tong-term viability.
  • Qualified, experienced and committed teaching faculty for high-quality instruction, learning, training, and valuation.
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure, sufficient resources and long-term viability.
  • Adequate clinical material for students' education and training.
  • Retention of employees.
  • Adequate research opportunities.
  • Message from the Chancellor
  • Message from the Vice Chancellor

Dear Prospective Students,

We appreciate your goal to pursue higher education with your choice of Course and Institution. You would enrol in a specific course at your preferred institution. However, based on the results of the NEET Exam, the students may or may not be granted admissions. You are welcome to study at Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University Campus, subject to your performance in the NEET Exam results (Medical & Dental) and general merit (other courses).

In our University, we welcome you whole heartedly to our campus and we will ensure you will be at ease. We offer a state-of-the-art infrastructure, good library facilities, a hostel and hygienic vegetarian food. Our faculty are highly qualified, motivated and they would mould you to become not only a good professional but also a good person. Within 3 years, SDM University has already established itself as a name in the country and its constituent institutions have received a significant number of good rankings throughout the country. We have been providing education for over fifty years. Therefore, studying at SDM University is a great honour. Throughout the year, our Vice Chancellor Dr Niranjan Kumar and his team work hard to make you all very good professionals in your respective fields. I encourage you to take advantage of all the excellent resources and come out as most valued professionals.

Wish you all a very bright future!

May Lord Manjunath Swamy Bless You All!

It is an honour for all of us to be part of this great creation of Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University in Sattur, Dharwad, the dream of our Chancellor and President of the SDM Educational Society.
Dharmasthala is known for Chatur Dhanas, one of which is Vidhyadhana. With the intention of bringing about change in society, the Chancellor founded the University to impart quality education. A great society can only be built through the right education. Nelson Mandela once said "Good education is a nation's most powerful weapon, so if one wants to bring a nation down, he or she brings down the standard of education". Education is something we all care about. It's crucial that education inspires and brings out the creativity of every child, because every child is born with an inherent intelligence.

The University campus has five constituent colleges, the largest and most distinguished college, SDM Medical College, has a fantastic setting that you should take use of. A university with incredible competence has been developed by a competent faculty and administration.

We are going to build one of the best universities together. We can observe a combination of scientific and religious spirit here, which makes this place unique. We have an edge over the others since we offer an environment of holistic development. We wish to create empathetic people who can contribute to society in addition to smart professionals. It is vital to teach pupils not solely to think but also the way to think. The complete growth of every student is extremely important to us. Education entails not solely learning and passing academic tests, but also learning and educating concerning oneself. When students graduate from college, they should be prepared to confront life. We are constructing this institution based on these fundamental concepts. I am delighted to extend to you an invitation to consider our institution as a potential study destination.

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