Dr. Ashith B. Acharya

Professor & Head

Department of Forensic Odontology

SDM College of Dental Sciences and Hospital

+91 836 2461630


Dr. Ashith B. Acharya

Dr. Ashith Acharya is once again in the top 1% of highly cited researchers of the world in forensic sciences in 2023, as per findings of Elsevier. Globally, his rank is 121 out of a total of 13,761 forensic researchers. Elsevier has published the list of top researchers in different subject areas since 2019, and Dr. Acharya has made the list every year since 2020. Full details are available at the weblink:

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Our quest as a forensic odontologist has been to excel in research and make tangible contributions to the evidence base which ultimately serves the community. Yet, the quality-based research and publications by us over the last 20 years have focused on two underlying principles-low investment yet high impact.

These were achieved and the research impact is reflected in our featuring as a world's top 2% forensic researcher for four successive years. Our current research undertaking includes the development of new investigative methods and improvising and blending diverse forensic dental age estimation techniques; the application of non-metric dental traits in postmortem forensic and anthropological identification of skeletal remains is in its completion.

We have also initiated a project to design and develop products for possible patenting and application in forensic odontology evidence collection. We have also initiated collaborative projects to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning in diverse aspects of forensic dental research such as postmortem dental identification, age estimation and bite mark investigation.

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