Dr. Tilak Joshi

Associate Professor

Community Health Nursing

SDM Institute of Nursing Sciences

+91 836 2477609


Dr. Tilak Joshi

  • Ongoing Research
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The key research areas are Comprehensive Assessment and Risk Stratification, Polypharmacy and Medication Management, Lifestyle Interventions, Geriatric Focused Medications, Telehealth and Remote Monitoring, and Caregiver Support and Education.

Current research focuses on school children to keep their hands clean, as children lack hand hygiene in rural schools a potential for disease transmission is at a higher risk.

In fact, school-based and early care and education (ECE) programs promoting hand hygiene can result in less gastro-intestinal and respiratory illness. The researcher also focuses on Diabetes and Hypertension in Geriatric clients in the community.

This research explores the unique challenges, research areas and potential interventions relevant to managing diabetes and hypertension in specific populations.

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  2. Biapur Metilda, Joshi Tilak An Exploratory study to find the relationship between Nursing Care and Patient Outcomes by using Performance Indicators in view to Standardize Staffing requirements in a tertiary care teaching hospital; Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research 2022; 9(1).
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