Dr. Nagesh V Ajjawadimath

Associate Professor

Mental Health Nursing

SDM Institute of Nursing Sciences

+91 836 2477609


Dr. Nagesh V Ajjawadimath

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Our research focus is Level of Emotional stability and Copying strategies Among the frontline nurses Working in COVID Care Centre at Dharwad. We examines how nurses at a COVID Care Center in Dharwad managed their emotions and cope with stress.

Emotional stability, essential for patient care and well-being, is investigated, along with nurses coping strategies for challenges like heavy workloads. Nurses with higher emotional stability handle pandemic-related stressors better.

Understanding their coping methods sheds light on their mental resilience. The study's insights could lead to evidence-based interventions supporting nurse's emotional well-being and patient care quality amidst the pandemic's demands.

  1. Nagesh VA. A descriptive study to assess the psychosocial problems of significant family members of mentally ill persons at SDM Hospital Dharwad. International Journal of Nursing Education and Research. 2018 Mar; 6(1).
  2. Nagesh VA. A study to determine the impact of social networking sites on mental health of female adolescents in SMPU College, Dharwad. International Journal of Nursing Education and Research. 2018 Jun; 6(2).
  3. Nagesh VA. A study to determine the knowledge and attitude regarding the ill-effects of substance abuse among ITI students of selected ITI colleges in Dharwad, Karnataka. Journal of Psychiatric Nursing. 2020 Apr; 9(1).
  4. Nagesh VA. Stress and coping of alcoholics admitted in selected de-addiction centers of Dharwad district, Karnataka. International Journal of Practical Nursing. 2022 Apr; 10.

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