Dr. Rangappa. S. Ashi

Associate Professor

Child Health Nursing

SDM Institute of Nursing Sciences

+91 836 2477609


Dr. Rangappa. S. Ashi

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The ongoing research work will be focusing to evaluate the effectiveness of massage therapy on respiratory status of toddlers with lower respiratory tract infections. Worldwide, Respiratory infection causes morbidity and mortality in children. Children developing five to eight attacks of respiratory illness such as bronchiolitis, asthma and pneumonia which causes 30 - 40% of hospitalization.

Massage therapy is a complementary and alternative treatment and "the manual manipulation of soft tissue intended to promote health and well-being" for children. It focuses on relaxing the muscles engaged in breathing and prevents stimulating the trigger points.

Another study will be undertaken to find the effectiveness of kaleidoscope on pain and behavioural responses of children during IV cannulation as one of the non-pharmacological methods to manage pain in children is distraction and Kaleidoscope is effective in reducing pain during cannulation.

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