Dr. Parmar Sanjay Tejraj

Professor & Principal

SDM College of Physiotherapy

+91 836 2477615


Dr. Parmar Sanjay Tejraj

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Our research focusses mainly on the technology-based research to enhance upper extremity function. We're developing innovative solutions with physiotherapy techniques/exercise to empower individuals with upper limb disabilities, improving their independence and overall quality of life.

The focus is also towards the application of technology for improving balance & gait and provide tools and interventions that enhance mobility and stability, ultimately restoring confidence in movement.

The other research areas are Improving Oro-motor & Sensory function in children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDD), which empower these children to communicate and engage more effectively, offering hope and support.

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  3. Kanitkar A, Parmar ST, Szturm TJ, Restall G, Rempel GR, Sepehri N, Naik N. Evaluation of a computer game-assisted rehabilitation program for manual dexterity of children with cerebral palsy: Feasibility randomized control trial. PM&R.
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  5. Joshi S, Parmar S, Kalavant A, Shah L, Parmar D. Effectiveness of structured physiotherapy in constipation in children with neurodevelopmental disorders-a randomized trial. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice. 2022 Jul 17;1-9.

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