Dr. Sharmila Dudhani


Department of Neurology

SDM College of Physiotherapy

+91 836 2477615


Dr. Sharmila Dudhani

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Our main research focus is Physiotherapy in stroke rehabilitation- Rehabilitation of trunk and lower limbs, symmetry in trunk and lower limb weight bearing, activation of muscles of trunk and lower limb for better functioning in balance and gait.

The researcher extended her research interest towards effect of physiotherapy in treating neurogenic pain - sciatica and cervical radiculopathy- evaluation and treatment of abnormal posture and treatment for the same, nerve gliding exercises and core strengthening for muscles surrounding cervical spine and lumbar spine.

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  2. Dudhani S, Shetty A. Correlation between functional Independence of Stroke patient and quality of life of Informal caregiver. Indian Journal of Applied Research 2018 July.
  3. Dudhani S, Mulla S. Helium-Neon Laser in Temporomandibular Myofascial Pain: Pre-Post Study. International Journal of Health Sciences & Research. 2018 Jul. 8(7): 154-158.
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  5. Dudhani S., Kulkarni P. Community Participation using Community Integration Questionnaire in Traumatic brain injury patients (Moderate to serve) within 1 year post injury- A survey. Indian Journal of Research. 2018 June; 7(6).

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