Dr. Vishwas Kaveeshwar

Assistant Professor

Central Research Laboratory

SDM College of Medical Sciences and Hospital

+91 836 2477720


Dr. Vishwas Kaveeshwar

  • Ongoing Research
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Our current research focuses on regenerative medicine and stem cell biology, with a particular focus on iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cell) based cell platforms for disease modelling and therapy. We are also looking into the molecular pathophysiology of many diseases, notably conformational disorders, mitochondrial dysfunctional diseases, and ER stress-related diseases.

We hope to understand the underlying mechanisms and develop novel therapeutic approaches for diseases by focusing on these crucial areas of research.

We hope to pave way for improved diagnosis, therapy, and regenerative therapies in the future by utilizing the potential of stem cells and investigating disease pathogenesis at the molecular level.

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  2. Haridhasapavalan KK, Sundaravadivelu PK, Joshi N, Das NJ, Mohapatra A, Voorkara U, Kaveeshwar V, Thummer RP. Generation of a recombinant version of a biologically active cell-permeant human HAND2 transcription factor from E. coli. Scientific Reports. 2022 Sep 27;12(1):16129.
  3. Vasudha M, Prashantkumar CS, Bellurkar M, Kaveeshwar V, Gayathri D. Probiotic potential of beta-galactosidase producing lactic acid bacteria from fermented milk and their molecular characterization. Biomedical Reports. 2023 Mar 1;18(3):1-2.
  4. Khode V, Patil S, Kaveeshwar V, Ruikar K, Bargale A, Patil S. Ubiquitin mediated degradation of EGFR by 17 beta-estradiol in triple negative MDA-MB-231 (TNBC) breast cancer cells line. Current Molecular Medicine. 2022 Jun 1;22(5):449-57.
  5. Patil S, D'Souza C, Patil P, Patil V, Prabhu M, Bargale A, Kaveeshwar V, Kumar S, Shetty P. Culture and characterization of human dental pulp derived stem cells as limbal stem cells for corneal damage repair. Molecular Medicine Reports. 2019 Nov 1;20(5):4688-94.

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