Dr. Ajay S. K

Assistant Professor

SDM Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences

+91 836 2477334


Dr. Ajay S. K

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Our research work with a focus on anticancer studies, specifically on secondary metabolites from endophytes and tetracycline condensed quinoline compounds. Our work primarily involves investigating the potential of these compounds in combating cancer.

A significant aspect of our research involves the development of patient tissue-derived primary cell cultures in conducting cell-based assays for drug screening and toxicological studies. This approach allows us to evaluate the efficacy and potential toxicity of various compounds on cancer cells.

In addition to our experience in anticancer studies, we possess extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of protein and enzyme purification.

Advancing cancer research, along with our proficiency in cell-based assays and protein purification techniques, makes us an asset in the pursuit of new therapeutic strategies. With this deep understanding of the intricate mechanisms underlying cancer development and our expertise in experimental techniques, we contribute significantly to the scientific community's efforts in developing effective treatments against this devastating disease.

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  4. Nivya MT, Patil RK, Rao GM, Khandagale AS, Somashekarappa HM, Ananda D, Manjunath HM, Joshi CG. Cytotoxicity based screening for radioprotective properties of methanolic extract of Tragia involucrata L. on cultured human peripheral lymphocytes exposed to gamma radiation.
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