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  • Postgraduate
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  • Ph.D
  • Fellowship
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Undergraduate Programs

Sl No Course Curriculum
1 MBBS 1st Year View
2 MBBS 2nd Year View
3 MBBS 3rd Year Part-1 View
4 MBBS 3rd Year Part-2 View
1 BDS 1st Year View
2 BDS 2nd Year View
3 BDS 3rd Year View
4 BDS 4th Year View
5 BDS Internship View
1 BPT 1st Year View
2 BPT 2nd Year View
3 BPT 3rd Year View
4 BPT 4th Year View
B.Sc Nursing
1 B.Sc Nursing Semester Wise View
2 B.Sc Nursing Volume 1 View
3 B.Sc Nursing Volume 2 View
B.Sc Allied
1 B.Sc Renal Dialysis View
2 B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology View
3 B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology View
4 B.Sc Optometry View
5 B.Sc Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology Not Available
6 B.Sc Anaesthesia Technology View
7 B.Sc Operation Theatre Technology View
8 B.Sc Emergency and Trauma Care Technology View
9 B.Sc Medical Records Technology Not Available
10 B.Sc Respiratory Therapy View
11 Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology View
1 Bachelor of Pharmacy Not Available

Postgraduate Programs

Sl No Course Curriculum
1 MD Anatomy View
2 MD Physiology View
3 MD Biochemistry View
4 MD Pathology View
5 MD Microbiology View
6 MD Pharmacology View
7 MD Forensic Medicine View
8 MD Community Medicine View
9 MD General Medicine View
10 MD Paediatrics View
11 MD Dermatology View
12 MD Psychiatry View
13 MD Anesthesiology View
14 MD Radio-Diagnosis View
15 MD Hospital Administration View
16 MD Emergency Medicine View
17 MD Respiratory Medicine View
1 MS General Surgery View
2 MS Ophthalmology View
3 MS Orthopedics View
4 MS Otorhinolaryngology View
5 MS Obstetrics & Gynecology View
1 MDS Oral Medicine & Radiology View
2 MDS Conservative Dentistry View
3 MDS Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery View
4 MDS Prosthodontics View
5 MDS Public Health Dentistry View
6 MDS Orthodontics View
7 MDS Periodontics View
8 MDS Pedodontics View
9 MDS Oral Pathology View
1 MPT Musculoskeletal Disorders View
2 MPT Neurological & Psychosomatic Disorders View
3 MPT Cardio-Respiratory Disorders View
4 MPT Community Physiotherapy View
5 MPT Paediatrics View
6 MPT Sports View
7 MPT Obstetrics & Gynecology View
M.Sc Nursing
1 M.Sc Medical Surgical Nursing View
2 M.Sc Community Health Nursing View
3 M.Sc Child Health Nursing View
4 M.Sc Nursing in OBG View
5 M.Sc Nursing in Psychiatry View
Biomedical Sciences
1 M.Sc Biomedical Science View
2 M.Sc (by Research) in Medical Science Not Available
3 M.Sc Computational Biology Not Available
4 M.Sc Human Genetics Not Available
1 MBA in Hospital Administration Not Available

Super Speciality Programs

Sl No Course Curriculum
1 M.Ch in Plastic Surgery View
2 M.Ch in Paediatrics Surgery View
3 DM in Nephrology View

Ph. D Programs

Sl No Course Curriculum
Ph.D in Medicine
1 Ph.D Biochemistry View
2 Ph.D Pathology View
3 Ph.D Microbiology View
4 Ph.D Human Anatomy View
5 Ph.D Human Physiology View
6 Ph.D Community Medicine View
Ph.D in Dentistry
1 Ph.D Oral Medicine & Maxillofacial Radiology View
2 Ph.D Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics View
3 Ph.D Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery View
4 Ph.D Prosthodontics View
5 Ph.D Public Health Dentistry View
6 Ph.D Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics View
7 Ph.D Periodontics View
8 Ph.D Paediatric & Preventive Dentistry View
9 Ph.D Oral Pathology & Microbiology View
Ph.D in Physiotherapy
1 Ph.D Musculoskeletal Disorders & Sports View
2 Ph.D Physiotherapy in Neuro View
3 Ph.D Paediatric Physiotherapy View
Ph.D in Nursing Sciences
1 Ph.D in Nursing Sciences View
Ph.D in Biomedical Science
1 Ph.D in Biomedical Science View

Fellowship Programs

Sl No Course Curriculum
1 Neonatal Intensive Care View
2 Minimally Invasive Surgery (Gynecology) View
3 Reproductive Medicine View
4 Consultation Liaison Psychiatry View
5 Rhinology View
6 Orthopaedic Trauma View
7 Cleft Lip & Palate (Oral Surgery) View
8 Forensic Odontology View
9 Oral Implantology View
10 Arthroplasty Not Available
11 Critical Care Medicine Not Available

Diploma Programs

Sl No Course Curriculum
1 Diploma in Public Health Not Available

Certificate Programs

Sl No Course Curriculum
1 Blood Bank Technician Certificate Program Not Available
2 Histo-technician Certificate Program Not Available
3 Advanced Certificate in Medical Microbiology Laboratory Technology (ACMMLT) View
4 General Duty Healthcare Assistant Program (GDHA) View

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